01 - The Prophecy of St. Malachy
02 - The Hidden Prophecy of the Basilica of St. Paul outside the Walls
03 - Warning Signs
04 - The Prophecies of Hollywood
05 - Is Barack Obama the Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?
06 - The Nemesis Star: the Punishment of God
07 - First Effect of Nemesis on Earth: Impact of Asteroids
08 - Second Effect of Nemesis on Earth: Reversal of the Magnetic Poles
09 - Third Effect of Nemesis upon the Earth: Displacement of the Geographic Poles
10 - The Prophecy of Leonardo Da Vinci
11 - The Effect of Nemesis on Venus
12 - The Wrath of God in 2016 - Correcting Joachim of Fiore
13 - The Wrath of God in 2016 - The time of God. Why 1260 is really 2016
14 - The Prophetic Manuscripts of Isaac Newton
15 - The Wrath of God in 2017 - What Isaac Newton Failed To Discover
16 - The Beginning of the Messianic Era in 2018
17 - The End of the Papacy in the Catholic Church in 2019
18 - The Return of Sedna
19 - Secrets of Orion
20 - Jesusís Prophecy of a Global Catastrophe
21 - Jerusalem, the Future Capital of the World

Appendix - Guide to preparing for a global catastrophe


Is Barack Obama the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?



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The Final Countdown - What Isaac Newton failed to discover
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