The Third Secret Predicts:
World War III and Worse?
The Fatima Crusader Interviews Father Paul Kramer


FC: But where do we go to find what is missing?
Father Kramer: We begin our search by studying what others who have read the Third Secret have said about it, and they have given us some very telling clues. For example, the late Malachi Martin read the Secret. I heard the story told by one of his close personal friends. One day in 1960 Martin, who was then personal secretary to Cardinal Bea in Rome, found himself riding in a car with Pope John XXIII and Cardinal Bea. So there were four men present in the car: the driver, Pope John, Cardinal Bea and Malachi Martin.
Now, since Malachi Martin was personal secretary to Cardinal Bea and was also a close collaborator with John XXIII, it was hardly surprising that Malachi found himself in this position. And during this car ride Pope John himself, on that day in 1960, handed the Secret to Malachi. It was written on one sheet of paper — not the four sheets of paper produced by the Vatican in 2000. Malachi read the Secret immediately, and on many occasions thereafter he spoke of the Third Secret even though he was under oath not to divulge explicitly its contents. But when other people touched upon matters in the Secret he would say yes or no, whether that was in the Secret or not.

FC: Can you provide an example of this?
Father Kramer: For example, in his last live interview in the late 1990’s on the Art Bell show, before millions of listeners, Malachi said that there is something terribly horrifying in the Third Secret, and he admitted that yes, there will be a world war and a great disaster in which many people will die. But, he added, there is something even more horrifying than this in the Secret, although he did not state explicitly what that was. [Editor’s Note: Father Kramer speaks more about this “horrifying thing” later in this interview.]

FC: So, whoever this hunted Pope is, Benedict or some other Pope, it will not be he who consecrates Russia, in your view?
Father Kramer: On this point I would refer to the testimony of the Roman stigmatist, Antonio Ruffini. Pope Pius XII authorized the blessing of a chapel on the spot where Ruffini received the stigmata on the Via Appia, and Father Tomaselli, the miracle worker, wrote a booklet about him — a short account of the life of Ruffini. I myself knew Ruffini for many years. In the early 1990s Ruffini was asked point blank in his home: “Is John Paul II the Pope who is going to do the Consecration of Russia?” He answered: “No, it’s not John Paul. It will not be his immediate successor either, but the one after that. He is the one who will consecrate Russia.” That is, Benedict’s successor, during this time of world war and persecution of the Church, will be the one to do the Consecration at long last, and then the restoration and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart will begin.