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  1. The Earth is overpopulated, with the global population expected to exceed ten billion by the end of the century. As a result, there will not be enough water, food or well-being for everyone. Population reduction and balancing will be required.
  2. There is no consensus among scientists that climate changes are caused by human actions. However, an increase in the numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions indicates that the planet is "sensing" a form of imminent danger. The origin of these natural disturbances is related to the ice ages. A new ice age is likely to begin quickly and suddenly, as it did eleven thousand years ago. Our governments are not prepared to face this situation.
  3. The pages of The Bible contain several descriptions of prophecies that warn of a future global collapse. Daniel, Jesus and the Book of Revelation have foretold generalized chaos in nature, the origin of which appears to come from space.
  4. The messages of Our Lady of La Salette, since her appearance in 1846 until the present, have foretold a time of unprecedented torment, pain and suffering for humanity. These warnings have been repeated over the past 170 years.
  5. Since the sixteenth century, prophets, seers, and psychics around the world have warned us about an impending global catastrophe, when the planet will be dramatically transformed by drastic geographical changes in every continent.
  6. Over the last sixty years, the appearance of UFOs and crop circles, mysterious, non-human signs in the sky and on earth, indicate that something grave is about to happen. Visitors from space have arrived to help us in this painful moment of transition to a better world.
  7. If a house has cracked walls and damaged foundations, it must be demolished to allow a new home to be built. This is the situation our world is in today. Just like a wrecking ball, a celestial body, subtly mentioned in The Bible, shall bring about the destruction of our planet, as has already been described in the third secret of Fatima, allowing the renewal of mankind. There are strong indications that this destructive celestial body is the planetoid Sedna, which is positioned “where it should not be." Astronomers have ignored these indications, meaning Sedna’s arrival will take us all by surprise.

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